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Corporate Wellbeing Sessions

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Without doubt the recent pandemic has brought the issues surrounding employee mental health & physical wellbeing to the forefront of many organizations.  A focus on nurturing employee’ wellbeing can bring enormous benefits not only to the Individual but the workplace community as a whole.

Here's what incorporating Yoga & Meditation into your wellbeing offerings can bring to your Employees & your Company : 

Reduced Stress & Anxiety:  The practices of yoga & meditation are well established tools for reducing stress and anxiety leading to more productive & engaged employees. 

Improved Focus and Concentration: These practices enhance memory retention, attention span, and overall concentration, making it easier for employees to stay focused in today's busy and often distracting world. 

Improved Strength and Flexibility: Yoga can combat the physical toll of either sitting for extended periods or undertaking repetitive manual tasks. It is fantastic for reducing back pain and the risk of musculoskeletal problems. 

Improved Sleep: Better sleep quality leads to increased productivity, reduced stress, and better overall health. Yoga and meditation can promote relaxation and better sleeping patterns.

Enhanced Immunity: Regular yoga and meditation can strengthen the immune system, reducing the likelihood of illness and promoting employee wellness.

Improved Team Building and Connection: These practices can foster a sense of community and trust among employees, creating a healthier work atmosphere.

Instead of paying lip-service to the well-being of your people, why not take the steps to committing and promoting a safe & healthy workplace which not only brings huge benefits to your Employees but can also assist in employee retention, a satisfying job enviroment as well as enhancing your Company's reputation when in comes to attracting further Employees. 

We at Manchester Yoga Central can assist you in incorporating Yoga & Meditation into your workplace by various means which can be tailored to suit your requirements and budgets. 

Weekly Classes either at our Studio based in Victoria Warehouse in Trafford Park or we can come to you in your workplace, space permitting.  

Monthly or Seasonal Workshops or half day retreats designed to suit your employees requirements and/ or requests. 

A Dedicated Wellbeing Day which can incorporate Yoga, Meditation, Wellbeing talks, Sound Healing Holistic Treatments ( Massage, Reiki,Shiatsu Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Indian Head Massage ) and a nutritious balanced lunch. This could be incorporated into your wellbeing offering once or twice a year or become that  alternative to the traditional Xmas party. 

 We offer tailor made yoga and holistic sessions for your team. 
Our sessions offer a reboot and a chance to relieve stress and take part in a positive and healthy activity.


The investment in these practices can lead to a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce, making it a wise choice for many organizations so why not contact us today to discuss your requirements  - Sharon 07403 321453 and / or via our email 

Photographs are from a recent Fresh Conference here at Manchester Yoga Central & Victoria Warehouse. Photographs Courtesy of Jay Cain

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