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19th January. Doors Open 6.45pm 

This January, we invite you to escape the depths of Deep Winter & ignite the inner flames of your wildness in our jungle temple.

Conscious Clubbing 
set within the cellars of Victoria Warehouse.

as we lead you through our de-armouring practices of Meditation, Yoga & Breathwork

into a sober clubbing experience where freedom feels possible. 
Meditation & Yoga with Nikki Cohen & Natalie Phillips

Shamanic Breathwork with Leo Oppenheim

Conscious Clubbing with DJ Wzrdry
Carefully Curated Musical Journey

Live Percussion with Hamit Walia

Temple Dancers - Nat & Trev


Temple Bar - Sound by DJ LuLu

Expect Forest Temple Decor throughout

Sober Bar & Snacks*

Peruvian Cacao*


Expect Forest Temple Decor Throughout 

* Not included in ticket price.



DSCF0496_ medium _edited.jpg
Temple @ Victoria Warehouse
Temple @ Victoria Warehouse
19 Jan 2024, 18:45
Victoria Warehouse
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