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Our Teachers

'We are all just walking each other home' 
Ram Dass 


Nikki Cohen 

Founder & Owner of Manchester Yoga Central. 

Yoga Teacher, Reiki & Shiatsu Therapist  

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Nikki believes in a multi disciplined approach to delivering yoga sessions which really resonate with her own truth as a teacher. She qualified in 500 hours in hatha yoga in Byron Bay in 2010 and has since taken other trainings in India and the Uk in Ashtanga, yoga nidra, yin and meditation. 
Nikki is also a reiki master and has recently qualified in a 3 year course in shaitsu in Manchester. Enabling a level of energetic space holding and a weaving of meridian knowledge into the postures. 
Her love of studying the ancient wisdom practices have taken her on a deep journey of personal and spiritual growth. Nikki is also deeply engaged with the practice of Sacred Music. 
“It’s only when we can release the deep inner knots and clear the filters of our perception can we experience our reality in a new and insightful way. “

Yin Yang Yoga Monday 5.30pm - 6.30pm £8

Yoga & Sound  Mondays 6.45pm - 8.00pm £10

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Sharon Kelly 

Studio Manager 

Yoga & Meditation Teacher 

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Sharon first discovered and fell in love with the practice of Yoga in 2006 whilst travelling around Asia. She undertook her Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Campus, Manchester. 

Sharon has since completed further studies in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation TT with Michael Stone and Ayurveda & Yoga for Menopause. She recently trained in the Vipassana system of 10 day silent meditations at Dharma Dippa, Hereford and looks forward to returning in the near future.  


She also has a keen interest in Aromatherapy and working with Sacred Oils.  Sharon is also currently training to be a Reiki Therapist.  

Her enthusiasm never wanes as she continues to learn, grow and share this Wonderful Gift of Yoga. In her teaching she encourages each individual to seek and find that true sweet connection between the body and mind via the breath. Sharon teaches Hatha, Slow Flow, Yin, Restorative Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. 

Gentle Flow Wednesdays 6pm - 7pm. £8

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Natalie Phillips

Social Media Manager 

Yoga Teacher  

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Natalie (Little Bamboo Yoga) discovered the practice of yoga, meditation and the art of primal movement through her curious mind which lead her to the heart of Bali, Indonesia where she was initiated into the practice after ten years of study and exploration. Her curiosity to this new sense of freedom awakened her to the power of the mind and body which continuously inspires her to continue celebrating and teaching this beautiful sacred practice. Natalie believes that there isn’t a certain way yoga should look and  her emphasis is on the sensations and the inner sanctuary. In her yoga classes she invites you to unearth each part of yourself, honouring every body type and walk of life, making this a perfect class for all levels. Natalie believes authentic expression is the key to navigating through obstacles and the beauty that life offers us, transmuting each layer of ourselves and learning to love all of it by tapping into these ancient practices.

From being both a student and teacher of this art form Natalie has unearthed an abundance of mental tools and core values that you can utilise both on and off of your yoga mat.

Primal Flow

Tuesdays 7.30pm. £8

Trev Neo 

Yoga Teacher 

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Trev is a dedicated yoga teacher with over a decade of teaching experience and more than 1000 hours of yoga training. He first became interested in yoga while training as a professional dancer, and has since made it a central part of his life. After suffering a dance injury, Trev turned to yoga as a form of spiritual and physical healing. He has also practiced meditation and philosophy since he was a young child in a Buddhist school.

Trev's passion for teaching has taken him all over the world. He has shared his knowledge with trainee teachers in several yoga teachers' training programs internationally. He is also a Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and has certifications in Myofascial Compression Techniques, BTEC Level 5 Clinical and Remedial Sports Massage/ Soft Tissue Therapy, National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) Personal Training, Diploma in Cupping Therapy, Aerial Pilates Instructor Certificate, and Level 3 Mat Pilates.

Trev is dedicated to helping others find healing and peace through the practice of yoga and meditation. You can find him on Instagram at @trevneo or visit his website at

Vinyasa Flow Wednesdays 7.30pm - 8.30pm. £8


David Morris 

DJ, Sacred Musician

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David has spent his life observing & studying the patterns of nature. Having spent 2 1/2 years in the deep nature of Croatia constructing a yoga centre,  he often found himself in solitude whilst cultivating a permaculture garden at the site. His awareness was truly absorbed into the nature & a deep Yoga practice.

David feels connected to the Druid pagan ways through his ancestry & now integrates their practices into healing through song & shamanic drum. He has an honours degree in ecology which enabled him to hone in on my passions of nature, health & permaculture. 

A strong pull to conserve nature lead me down the path of helping people heal themselves &  because of this his shamanic practice has branched into other traditions &  he now work with Kambo.

He sings traditional songs learned directly from the Matses tribe in Peru & the Huni Kuin in Brazil in his ceremonies.

He has played guitar for a long time &  now also drums & flutes.

He likes to integrate music from many traditions & styles into an ecosystem that works together to help people journey in to themselves. 

David DJ's  ecstatic dance sets with this same philosophy & is known on the Manchester scene as WZRDRY. He also produces various kinds of Music electronically under the same name.

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Visiting International Teacher
Echo / Echo Flow Yoga  

Yoga Teacher, DJ   

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' We live in a multiplicity of worlds... some clouded by novelty, indecisiveness, selfishness, and illusion.
And some full of devotion, love, truth, and adventure.
We have choice with how we want to spend our precious moments here.
I choose the path of love, and I hope to assist others on a similar path within themselves.
May I be useful in this life to shedding light in the darkest places and help people gain the strength to take back the power in their lives.
​We all need a helping hand at times, so here is mine.​ ' 

Visiting International Teacher
Levi Banner 

Yoga , Breathwork, DJ  & Astrologer

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Levi seeks to teach the spiritual sciences for healing and transformation. Yoga, Breathwork and Astrology comprise his trinity of mystical knowledge.

Levi is a Master Level Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator. Mystery, transformation and healing magically combine as he leads intensive Shamanic Breathwork Journeys, helping participants to reconnect to their highest selves.

Levi travels the World facilitating festivals including Bali Spirit Fest & many more. 

We are honoured that Levi Banner will be returning this summer to share more of his teachings & wisdom. 

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Visiting International Teacher
Matthew Liam Gardner

Emerging Elder, Master Facilitator and Mentor.

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Matthew Liam Gardner is an experienced Facilitator from Australia who has been delivering in-person and online journeys of this nature since 2006.

He is naturally tapped into a stream of emergent and ancient wisdom that is being called forward in these times.

Matthew is in a lifelong process of inquiry about what it means to be deeply human.

Along the way he is dreaming the re-culturing of the western world by inspiring and initiating a generation of Leaders and Facilitators who are deeply connected to their human soul, their ancestral line, their indigenous beginnings, their primordial core and their sacred role as embodied custodians of this great garden and all generations still to come.

At the heart of all Matthews teachings is an embodied remembering of what it means to truly be a human being, and what it means to be walking the earth in these times.

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