Yoga for Active People with Helen Roscoe. Sat 5th Oct 10am - Manchester Yoga Central

Yoga for Active People with Helen Roscoe

Yoga for Active People with Helen Roscoe

Supported by Bamboo Clothing

5th October 10-1pm 

£35 or £30 concession


Free gift on the day from Bamboo Clothing plus a 20% discount code for you to use at your leisure.

An experiential 3 hour workshop for people who love being active; runners, cyclists, swimmers, fitness fanatics through to people who simply enjoy exercise for overall health and wellbeing.

Active people often have strong but tight muscles and are looking for ways of finding a greater overall balance in their approach to participation in their chosen activity. 

Through Yoga encourage:

– physical and emotional awareness.

– deeper connections between breath and movement.

– overall focus in the body and mind. 

– positive movement patterns and injury prevention.

– a balance between stability and mobility 

– rest and relaxation. 

Through a series of mindful movement and breath co-ordination practices, self-reflection and guided relaxations you will develop the tools for self-care and appreciation whilst being in a non-competitive space. This workshop will also cover some Yoga philosophy in relation to our active lifestyles both on an off the mat. 

You don’t need to have practiced yoga before attending this workshop. Simply come with an open mind, plenty of water, switch off your devices and step-counters and wear comfortable clothing that enables you to move freely. All equipment will be provided, you may wish to bring a blanket. 

Helen began teaching yoga in 2015 and has been a professional photographer since 2007. Her background in the arts and as a full-time athlete means she has a unique take on movement and creativity. She is excited to be exploring yoga for active people as a way of offering alternative approaches to movement and relaxation, which will go on to enhance people’s participation in sport, whatever they choose to do. 

“It is important for people to really tune in to their bodies. Learn what feels good, and what doesn’t. Develop healthy movement patterns whilst also promoting greater levels of focus by connecting deeply to the breath. Notice how the breath can support you from one moment to the next. Then, when you move onto your next adventure you will be able to recognise the cues more easily and find a greater balance of effort and ease on your body, breath and mind. Once we begin to experience the beauty of it all, we can apply it to everything we do in life.”