“The dance of duality” 2 yin/yang yoga workshops with Nikki Cohen (Hambrook) - Manchester Yoga Central

The Dance of Duality’ – 2 x Yin/ Yang Yoga Workshops with Nikki Cohen (Hambrook)

These workshops will mix elements of yin yoga, mindful flow yoga with mindfulness meditation. They are aimed at all levels as variations of the postures will be taught. 

The purpose of these sessions is to reconnect with your own subtle energy body through physical movement, breath work and visualisation. It is through this subtle awareness that healing can become possible through the redirection of prana or life force energy. 

First Workshop: Saturday the 21st of September 11 to 1.30pm
The theme for this workshop is connecting with our vital essence through the kidney meridian.
The kidney meridian in Chinese medicine relates to our essence which is our inner store of energy. Through acupressure points and restful postures we aim to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to boost our inner reserves of vitality. 

Second Workshop: Saturday the 26th of October 11 to 1.30pm
The aim for this workshop is to create a smooth flow on all layers with the liver meridian. 
The liver meridian in Chinese medicine is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi (life force energy) or the flow of blood on a physical level. The liver likes movement and flow to help to even out our emotions. Through acupressure points and hip opening postures with flow yoga we will help to move our stagnation. 

Both workshops follow a similar format with a different emphasis.
– guided seated meditation 
– Mindful gentle yoga to connect to our centre
– Smooth Vinyasa flow yoga
– Short tea break with snacks 
– Yin yoga based on the particular meridian 
– Yoga nidra 

About Nikki: 
Nikki gained certification in both Hatha and and Ashtanga yoga and studied yin/yang yoga under Sarah Powers. She took part in silent meditation retreats and also studied Shiatsu which is based on both traditional Chinese medicine and Zen theory. 
She loves to draw upon these different elements of her previous training and is keen to teach yoga in a way that is relatable and clear for even beginners. 
Ultimately Nikkis aim in teaching is simple – she wants her students to use the practices to enter a state of being where healing in any way needed in that moment is possible. 

Please note that the option is available to book both workshops as a package at a reduced price of £40 or booked individually for £25 per workshop. 
Spaces are limited and places are booked on a first come first served basis. 
To book or for more questions please contact: nikki@makchesteryogacentral.co.uk or Sharon on 07403 321453