Monthly Restore & Rebalance Class - last Sunday of the month - Final class for 2019 is 24th of November - Manchester Yoga Central

As we slowly slip into the Autumn months and prepare ourselves for the oncoming winter, our bodies and minds naturally and instinctively move from the Yang Summer months into a more Yin existence. But this should not be a time for slumber and idleness but rather a time for nurturing and re-growth – just as the trees shed their leaves so should we let go of past habits and thoughts that no longer serve us and open up our hearts to new adventures, experiences and personal growth.
Our class will begin with a very gentle Yin practice which will help bring a sense of balance between our mind , body and our breath before moving into a deeper restorative practice which provides you with the space and time for YOU to just be and let it go.
By setting up the right conditions of stillness, warmth, quiet, dark and time we can allow the body’s own relaxation response to kick in and re-balance our nervous system. They can repair the body, replenish energy, calm the mind, leaving the whole self feeling more positive and restoring energetic, emotional and mental composure.
In our crazy busy lives this class should be the gift that you give to yourself.
We purposely keep our class numbers small with 2 x teachers to ensure that everybody is well looked after and nurtured.
You would be so welcome to join us on one or all of the following upcoming workshops for this Autumn:
Sunday the 29th of September 7 to 8.30pm . Sharon & Chloe
Sunday the 27th of October 7 – 8.30pm. Sharon & Avi
Sunday the 24th of November 7 – 8.30pm. Sharon & Avi
This is pre-bookable by contacting Sharon on 07403 321453 or on

Investment: £10 for a 90 minute workshop.