Monthly Restore & Rebalance Class - last Sunday of the month - Next class 29th of September - Manchester Yoga Central

Autumn is a time for of awakening and restoring some balance in your body and mind. In today’s world we are frequently in a state of stimulation with less emphasis on quiet and space. Our autonomic nervous systems are often alerted into a state of fight and flight. Restorative yoga offers some simple ways to encourage your body to move out of this state into a place of rest and recovery. By setting up the right conditions of stillness, warmth, quiet, dark and time we can allow the body’s own relaxation response to kick in and re-balance our nervous system They can repair the body, replenish energy, calm the mind, leaving the whole self feeling more positive and restoring energetic, emotional and mental composure.
Join us on 31st of March for the first of our new monthly workshops. The March workshop will be with Sharon & Avi.

Investment: £10 for a 90 minute workshop.

To pre-book please contact Sharon on 07403 321453 or e-mail theyogaseedoldham@gmail.comcom

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