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Finding Balance: Yoga For Your Dosha and Brunch
Sunday 22nd of March 10.30am to 1.30pm

Join Cat and Giulia for a morning of conversation, movement and nourishment for mind and body.

Yoga teachers, Cat Teague and Giulia Fenci have come together for their second workshop, to share their passion, knowledge and experience of wellness and yoga with you in this special yin & yang yoga workshop and wellness brunch. They will guide you through a yoga practise and share how their ayuverdic approach has worked for their health and lifestyle, and how you can find out the right yoga for your Dosha and how to improve your wellness as we move into spring.

Event Details:

Ayurveda means “the wisdom of life” in Sanskrit and the elements of the universe – earth, fire, air, water and space – are linked to individual constitutions called doshas.

The three dosha types are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Generally, a person tends to have an abundance of one or a predominant combination of two. If there is an imbalance, it is believed in ayuverda you will experience this in your character and health. To optimise balance and health, ayuverda advocates practising yoga according to your dosha and having a diet aligned to make you feel at your best.

People with different doshic constitutions may take the same class, but won’t often have the same mind/ body experience. Students with Ayurvedic knowledge can adapt a class to their personal needs enhancing their experience of yoga more so and improve their wellbeing.

In this Balance for Your Doshas workshop we will:

– Discuss the doshas more indepth;

– Help you find out you dosha;

– Take you through a Yoga flow and teach you the poses best for your dosha to optimise balance and health;

– Share knowledge on essential oils that suited your dosha to soothe, nurture and rejuvenate;

– Treat you to a selection of fresh fruit and nourishing food just right for your dosha type;

– Give you a chance to network with other like-minded people and share your thoughts.

You will leave feeling empowered with this new knowledge and take-away a worksheet to help you continue your own practise and implement these new habits into your wellness routine to help you maintain a healthy balance in dosha, body and mind.


Super Early Bird = £25.00 (ends 16th February)

Early Bird = £30.00 (ends 29th February)

General Admission = £35.00

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