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Sophie-Rae Martyn


Sophie-Rae provides and embodied and breath centred classes, providing you with a safe space for you to explore the depths of your own practice. She teaches Mandala Yoga, Jivamukti, Vinyasa Flow and Yin and beliefs that yoga is a profound and healing tool for anyone who is willing to explore it’s practices and teachings.

Sophie-Rae’s journey into yoga began when she was younger and visited India where her intrigue into spirituality was ignited. She then went on to train as a holistic therapist where she worked not only with her own clients but in teaching others too. Alongside this, Sophie began practicing yoga, however it wasn’t until she came across Jivamukti Yoga and her teacher Andrea Everingham, that it all started to fall in to place and her yoga path began to grow.

In February 2017 she went on to do her Jivamukti 300hr training and has since completed 100hr Mandala training and 50hr Yin training with The Yoga People and continues to learn and grow herself as a yoga teacher.

Sophie is always looking to her teachers for guidance, inspiration and wisdom and is forever grateful for the truth, support and compassion that they give to her. Sophie-Rae hopes to be able to inspire and share this knowledge with her students and to create classes where people feel free to be themselves and to look a little deeper as to what is there. Sophie-Rae sees herself as first a student and then a teacher. There is always growth to be found.