Ryan Greenwood - Manchester Yoga Central


Having taught, lectured and experienced, all that spirituality has offered up, over the last decade. Ryan has worked through, healed & completed many of the expressional myths, spirituality has to offer. Delving deeper each year into the realms of the heart. 

For the past few years, Ryan has taken time out of the spiritual teaching circuit, to work on deep issues that reign within the consciousness of humanity. This deepening, took Ryan through the planes of existence, the matrix and finally Duality itself. Taking every ounce of energy and determination in order to pass through. On this path, (which is not for all) much was sacrificed, in order to go deeper into the heart and work through what seemed, infinite spiral layers of head versus heart limitation.

Now emerging from this experience and all that was thrown at him. Ryan is now able, to bring these life masteries and mysteries, to help others move back towards absolute love, in a way that will empower the individual in their own unique way.

“It is only from the stillness of the heart, that the Gnosis (knowing) can flow.  All other spiritual senses, are tainted and do not possess your absolute truth.”  

Ryan is ready now to help empower individuals and groups, whom are ready to take total responsibility for themselves. Working at the level of the individual, ensuring the correct pace, speed and level of energy is given, to bring the greatest breakthroughs.

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Ryan also writes for Nourish & Health and Happiness publications